Day 8 – Pyjama day

This day started with DMPC so that everybody was allowed to tell their feelings about The New Years gala. The gala lasted till 12.00am so school started 9.30am so that we could get a little bit more rest. The dutch people have taken up calling their finns pokemons so in the finnish DMPC everyone shared which pokemon they are.

Yesterday the FI team wrote some dialogs so today they tried to put those on stage and practice their roles. They got some lines to learn during the weekend. The finnish stage design started to do bigger set pieces. Because of that they have only few stage designer, teachers had to help little bit.

The dutch team danced and filmed their movie – again. The ideas started to come together so Finns in the NL team weren’t so desperate anymore.

Today was shorter day than usually because the last day was that long and we have worked hard the whole week. Most of us were so tired so half of the day free was much needed. Some of us went to drive a kart, some went to see other cities and others just slept.

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