Day 9 24/02/19 ‘day-off’

Today was the free day for the students, for one day no Hans, Geert, Hanna or Annelies, just all the time to sleep and do something fun. A lot of students slept in on the free Sunday. After a relaxing afternoon, almost every student went to do something fun, some students went shopping, to visit an arcade, went sledding or something else nice! I went sledding with a group of students, we were outside for around two hours and just played in the snow like happy kids. By the time we got back at the house we were cold tough, so we ate dinner together. After dinner, we all were really tired and we just started taking naps in a circle. After the napping it was sauna time, I think I was in the sauna for around two hours and I almost fell asleep inside the sauna. After sauna time it was bed-time. I think everybody enjoyed their free time and I hope that they are ready to get to work!

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