Daily report day 6 – Rehearsal day

This day, the teams are very busy. The plays are really starting to come together, all the pieces are falling into place. The one minute movies are taking shape and the art department is making some big steps in the building of the decor items, stage pieces, artwork and clothing. The students are still very enthusiastic and happy. They are working very hard and laughing a lot with each other. Some of the students went bowling together last night a good way to have fun and release some of the stress that’s involved with this project. After that, some people went to the park for a walk and to dance too and some others went to a place where they could eat and drink something. We all had so much fun, because we were filled with energy. Then we just went to our homes and slept because the energy we had, left our bodies. Overall, it was a really chill and fun day.

The art department started working on making the poster, one of the YET traditions.

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