Day 12 27/02/19 ”the first performance”

”We are amazing” That’s how Hans started and ended his final speech before the first play. The students had a mixed feeling of excitement and nerves but everybody looked ready and so the Dutch team went to their places. The audience came in, after a while the music started playing and everything went silent. The whole play was narrated by Elina, from beginning to end she stood in the middle of the stage surrounded by a small plastic sea. The play was beautifully done and everything worked out. It all started with a poem that connects to the book. The play’s timeline was similar to that of the books and so during the story, there were signs of hope and death. The singing was very good with the effects of Marilou and Elina singing through the chore made. The play will be on our YouTube soon so I will still not spoil too much! After the play was done I heard Hans whisper too Paulien “We made an amazing play” The audience left again and all of the Dutch team members started cleaning and removing all of the props off the stage. Soon after they were done it was time for the Finnish team. It started dramatically with Fanni telling the audience how they got in this hard situation. But after this the drama turned into semi-comedy, the audience laughed at the right moments and it felt great after the sad Dutch play. It continued with some more laughter and eventually, the play got very dramatic again. By using flashlights as a crucial element the Finnish team really created some tension inside the Drammasalli. Then the plastic sea scene came it created a real scary eye-opening scene. The Finnish play was great, it was less dramatic than the Dutch play so the two plays created a nice transition. Overall I think all of the students and teachers were very happy about this and the product and are looking forward to all of the plays to come.

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