On Wednesday at 8:00 am, Dutchies, Finns and some of the Greek students met in the school in order to begin the trip in Thessaloniki. Their destination was one hour away from Katerini but the time went by very fast because they had fun in the bus. When they arrived at the “White tower” they were guided there and they went to the huge church of Santa Dimitrios and in the “Rotonda”, while the guide was informing them with his microphone. The students all got headphones so they could hear what he was saying. After the guided tour they walked to the archeological Museum to learn more about the Greek history and culture. Later they went to eat in a very good restaurant and then they went to the museum of illusions. There they take a lot of pictures and saw the illusions, for example the box where you look smaller and bigger. The last thing that they did was to go out in the city center to enjoy the Thessaloniki squares and streets. After an hour ride home, all the students went back to their host families to enjoy the evening.

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