Day 3

The day started with the DMPC for both of the countries. The people talked with their coordinator about what has happened and their problems. When the DMPC was finished, the teams started practicing.

At 12:30 everybody started with eating their lunch and talking in groups with the Finnish and Dutch student’s. Some people went to the supermarket for stroopwafels, because many Finnish people wanted them.

In the afternoon everybody started with practicing for the National Presentation and making sure that everything was ready for the night.

In the evening we had dinner with everyone at the school.  The food was cooked by some of the Dutchies’ parents. They had made traditional Dutch foods: zuurkool, hutspot, boerenkool and many different kinds of salads.

At 19:30 the National Presentation starts and both countries were amazing. After the presentations everyone went downstairs to mingle and have some snacks. After that everyone was so tired that they just went home to get some sleep.

The Finnish National Presentation process:

We started working on our National Presentation 15.1 and after that we had practice every weekend. First we just thought what we wanted to show our typical culture and country’s customs. At the beginning we were in small groups discussing and processing things. Then we did some scenes about the things we want to bring out. After that the theme and story line started to form little by little. In our National Presentation there are the midsummer party and different stereotypical Finnish families. There are many scenes in our National Presentation where we all are at the stage but all of us have separate roles too. There is also some songs and dances in our presentation to make it diverse.

Here you can see the presentation:

The Dutch National Presentation process:

The Dutch group started with a huge brainstorm. Not more than an hour later we wrote more than 30 things on paper. Those were things that make Holland special. Hans Hollander came up with the idea of changing it up this year. He didn’t want it to be in the forum as usual. We agreed together to divide the group into 6 with each there own “tour guide”. Planned was that every group set up a play that took 2-3 min of time. Each play in a different place and had a theme that was special to us(what is typical Dutch). The tour guides were to open up the play with a little play of their own. After that the tour guides communicated through equipment so everybody could start at the same time.  We practice every Thursday 2-3 hours with our play and on the last Friday we practiced from the beginning till the end 6 hours straight. The result was amazing. The only downside is the huge cleanup that the Dutch people have to do now.

and video: