Day 4

On Tuesday we had first day that was just working with the main play. First we had DMPC and warming ups. Then both teams had rehearsals and they were processing their plays. It was weird because it was hailing in afternoon too. 12.30 we had lunch break and i think that it’s the liveliest part of the day because everyone are just so happy with food and seeing and talking each other. Some of yetians go to the supermarket at the break also. 13.30 rehearsals continue and acting teams, art teams and media team are doing their own jobs. The “working day” ended 16.15 and all the yetians went their own places. At the night we had a meeting at Lisanne and Joost’s place.

“Here in Holland I haven’t seen many other houses than the ones that are made of bricks. I heard that the reason for that is just the wind. In Finland we have maybe more wooden houses than brick houses. In Finland we have a lot of wood (and not as strong wind as here) so we have a lot of wooden houses and here wind is so strong that they need houses which are made of bricks. It’s pretty logical i think! Many Dutch people keep their shoes inside their homes and for the finns that is pretty strange. We discussed about that with Thomas Van Helvert and he said that it’s maybe because in Finland we have snow and mud and things like that outside and the soles of our shoes would be more dirty than here. We have also been thinking about the room temperatures in Dutch houses. In Finland normal room temperature is like 22 C and here it’s like 18 celcius and almost all the Finns said they thought it was cold in their Dutch homes before they got used to it. They have also been keeping windows open more than we do in Finland if it’s that cold outside. They don’t have saunas either in Holland and I have heard that some Finns have missed their own saunas,” tells Sara from the mediateam.

foto van YET.