Interviews 3.0 Nicolette and Laura


From left to right: Laura Martin and Nicolette Alkemade, the directors of the Dutch acting team

What does the work with the play involve?

It involves good preparation. We had to do lots of research and of course reading. We have to know the whole picture (the story of Anne Frank) to decide what material we want to use. We want to work on the feelings the story contains. The hope is important, but the horror is, too. We decided to do both and have contrasts. We have used improvisation and texts straight from the book, and thought how to make scenes out of them. For the play we have also had to think what kind of exercises we want to do with the actors, to make them feel the emotions they use in the play.

What has been easy?

The two of us working together and with the team. The actors love the story and we all want to tell it. Also it is easier to work here, where we know where everything is.

What has been challenging?

Both: “Time!”

Nicolette: “The continuing, never-stopping and even exhausting rehearsals.”

Laura: “In the beginning it is always a bit challenging to get the group work together. But now it works well.”

How has the team been working?

It has been working very well. We have same kind of ideas and taste. Everyone has a big part on it.

What have you liked the most?

Nicolette: “When we have rehearsals and all the students understand what we mean, it works out well on the stage. It is like magic!”

Laura: “Having fun together! It is important that we can laugh together.”

What has it been like to create a play about Anne Frank’s diary?

Nicolette: “It feels like… sometimes it is very harsh because you know how the story ends but it is a very special experience. The story is delicate and it hurts every time.

Laura: “It is good to tell the story again and again. It hurts but it is okay, it is bonding us. We have to be careful when we work with the text.

Describe YET by one word.

Nicolette & Laura: “Can we say two words together? Inspiration and tough.”

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