Day 12 – Performance day

Today was an exciting day since today we have our first performances to the school students. First the dutch team had two performances. There was a little bit of a nervous feeling lingering around but not too much. Both of the performances went really well, only mishap that happened was one cup that broke during the show. Other than that it really looked great. The finnish media team filmed the NL team’s performance. Some parts of the performance were a little difficult to film and get good shots of.

After the NL team was done with both of their performances it was time to switch the stage and bring in the FI team’s set pieces. The FI team also had two performances for the school’s students. Some people were nervous but mostly people were excited. The performance was constantly moving so the dutch media team had to keep moving the cameras around while filming. Both shows went really great only some technical problems.

After the shows a lot of people gathered into groups and spent time together since the finns are going to leave soon. One group went shopping to a mall that is near by. They also ate at the mall together and went to see the new mean girls movie. Another group had a gathering at Yfke’s house where they played games and chatted. The last group went shopping near the school to a shopping street. I think everyone had a fun day with other YET people. It was nice to spend time together since we don’t have that much time together anymore.

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