Day 13 28/02/19 ”the final performances.”

The final day of performances, the play that the students have worked on for almost 2 weeks. Everybody knew this was probably going to be the most tiring day of the last two weeks. All of the students and teachers worked so hard for this play. In the morning it was time for both teams to have an really good long warm-up. Then the first plays of the day started and they went very good. Hans and Hanna were both happy but still the day was far from over. After lunch and another short warm-up it was time for the second play of the day, there were some tired faces already but luckily after the play it was time for an 3 hour break before the last but probably most important play. Families were watching, the Finnish students families were in the audience and the Dutch students families were watching via the live stream. The play went amazing and after it was very emotional. Almost everyone cried even Hans because now Yet was almost over. Both plays were amazing and both the Finnish and the Dutch teams created something special, but of course we have to remember that Yet is not about the play, it is about the experience and all the people you meet. This Yet there were a lot of bonds formed and the experience was amazing!

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