What is Teylingen College Leeuwenhorst like?

The school we are having YET this year is called Teylingen College Leeuwenhorst. Last week we had the whole school just ourselves, because the other students were on vacation. This week the school is crowded again. There are about 1500 students in the school. Compared to the Finnish school, Oulun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun lukio, there are a lot more people in Teylingen College. OSYK has about 600 students.

When you walk into Teylingen College Leeuwenhorst, the first things you see are the big hall and cafeteria area. The building is high and has four floors and many stairs. The wall textures are different: you can see wooden, concrete and colorful walls. At first, the school seemed like a labyrinth, but now we have used to it and it is actually quite easy to head for different places.

Most of the time we have spent on the ground floor at the Forum and the gym. The Forum is a black room that has a stage and curtains. It is meant to be used as a place to perform plays, musicals and other performances. It is also the place we are going to perform our YET plays. There are two gyms in this school but we only use one of them. Also the art factories work on the ground floor.

We, the media team, have been using two places this far. Last week, when there were not any other students at the school, we worked at a bigger room that has chairs, tables and computers in it. When the other students came back,

we had to move to a tiny room. The room is on the highest floor and we have to walk many stairs to get there.

We have really enjoyed our time at the school. That could also be because you get Coca Cola cans from the machine with only 50 cents!

Ninni & Veera

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