Yet Party 18/02/19

Last night we had a great YET party at Siiri’s place. Everyone was dancing, eating, talking and making new friends. Everyone brought something to Siiri’s place so we had a lot of sweets, sodas and chips there. It didn’t even take 10 minutes before people were dancing like crazy. So that tells you how great the atmosphere was there.

We made a YET party playlist which had the best bangers that are known in Finland, Netherlands and internationally. Yet students taught different dances to each other that are known in Finland and Netherlands. It was a blast. Even though most people were dancing, also some Finnish students formed a crying circle in Siiri’s sauna. One of the highlights of the night was also Siiri’s cute dog!

The party was a great way to chill for a moment. Everyone has started working really hard for the plays so it was nice to chill and party for a bit.

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