Day 9 – Rest day

Sunday was a day-off, so students didn’t have any work to do, and they were free to do whatever they wanted. Most of them woke up late compared to when they were waking up the other days because they didn’t need to follow any schedule and I think that they wanted a good rest, after a tiring week like this. At 13:00 after relaxing and having a rich breakfast most Greek students went to the enormous mall named Valkea, I really like the design there because of the glass walls. There they were shopping for hours in the huge variety of shops, they ate in a delicious pizzeria and then at 18:00, when the mall closed, the students went to the hotel again for a while. An hour later, at 19:00 Greek yetis went to a restaurant where they had made a reservation, named Toripollisi. Despite the high prices, the food there was so tasty, specifically the schnitzel and the burger, which most of Greeks ordered. After eating they sat a little bit more there to discuss many things and then they returned to the hotel. In conclusion, I believe that this day was so helpful for the students and it gave them energy to continue their work the following week.

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