Anne Frank

This year in YET our plays will be based on The Diary of a Young Girl which is also known as The Diary of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl from the Netherlands. During the World War II her family and she went into hiding from the Nazis. They hid in the office of Otto Frank, Anne’s father. Anne kept a diary while hiding. She wrote about their everyday life and her thoughts and feelings.

Unfortunately, the Frank family was found and taken to a concentration camp after two years of hiding in 1944. Only Otto Frank survived. The diary was left in their hiding place and later saved by one of the family’s helpers. It was published, as Anne had wished, in 1947. The book has become a classic. It tells a story of all the 6 million Jews who were murdered during the war.

The hiding place of the family,  the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, is nowadays a museum. It is a really popular attraction and many people visit it every year. On Friday we will visit Amsterdam and also go there!

Ninni & Veera

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