Day 12 – The tension rises

Today is the day of the first two performances. After a long day of dress rehearsals, which were yesterday, we are finally ready to show the play to the public!

Yesterday the teams finally got to see each others performances, there was a feeling of happiness in the air and but also a little bit of sadness because we started to realise that the project is almost coming to an end. But the shows look great and are very impressive, there are some cool effects which make the shows very interesting and really exciting.

The plays are based on the book The Angel Maker by Stefan Brijs, a story about cloning and what could go wrong. Many of the themes in the book you can also recognise in the play.

The first performance is at 11:00, so only a few hours left to go which means the anticipation is growing but also the nerves. If you want to see how this day went behind the scenes, a vlog will be uploaded on the youtube channel tomorrow. The media team is still working hard to keep you updated, pictures and videos of the last rehearsals are now being edited into a final promotional video. Remember that tickets for the show tomorrow are still available at We hope to see you at one of the shows!

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