Interview 18/02/2019


FINNISH TEAM Sam Pieterse 16, Rosemarie Sminia 15, Daantje van der Poel 16, Sem Zweekhorst 15,
Veeti Reunanen 16, Fanni Alaraappana 17, Alli Ollikainen 16

What you have been doing today?

Today they have been doing scenes and brainstorming ideas for the play. They also discussed about the book and it’s themes. They learned how to use their body language to indicate their status.

Daantje: We are the best!

Everyone agreed. They also told us how they have been dancing and warming up in the morning.

What do you think about Finland this far?

Sam: I love the snow!

The amount of snow really surprised the dutch people.

Daantje: Your language is really confusing. It sounds like blablabla.

They have experienced that finnish people kind and caring. They feel welcomed. The families have also been friendly and caring.


DUTCH TEAM: Merel Bel 17, Casper Merks 16, Linda Huttu 16, Sara Sofia Koivisto 16

What you have been doing today?

The dutch team has been warming up and talking about the book. They have been discussing about the way they want to make the play and what they want to say with it.

Sara Sofia: We have been improvising!

Linda told that her favorite part was the discussion about the book. They have also been singing during the rehearsals.

What do you think about Finland this far?

Merel: I think Oulu is really cute!

In Finland there are some things that the dutch find weird. For example eating habits and times differ from their culture. They eat later and on lunch they rarely have warm food.

Casper: In Netherlands it’s stupid cold but here it’s nice cold.

They noticed that we have higher trees in Finland than in Netherlands. They also find the snow and ice very beautiful but downside is that it is so slippery outside. They said that Oulu has a great vibe and that they have enjoyed their time here.

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