Day 5 – The floor is Yours

All students met together in the auditorium at 8:30 am and they started the daily warm up until 9:00 m. After that every team went to their place and started working until 11:00 am. Every team had a unique role. For example the Dutch art factory team was preparing the clothes for the actors and other stuff that it will need for the play ( The Finnish Art Factory took videos for the background of the stage and edited them. Both Acting teams were doing rehearsals for their plays. From their attitude while being there it seems that all teams were enjoying what they were doing and they were very willing working. At 11:00 am all students from every team went for lunch until 11:30 am and then they continued their work. The next 30-minute break was at 13:30 and then they were working till 15:50, when pupils and coordinates held a meeting. From 16:20 to 18:00 all students were free to go wherever they want and the most of them went to eat something, all youngsters love eating so I believe that they liked this big break. At 18:00 all yetis carried out a show named “the floor is yours”. There many students showed off their talents, some by dancing traditional and modern dances, others by singing or playing an instrument. At the end, it was the best and funniest part, when all students went in the stage and were dancing, it seems that all of them were enjoying been there and they were so excited! After the show they left the school and went to rest for the next day at Rovaniemi, they couldn´t wait for such an experience.

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