Interview 5.0 Media team


From left to right: Joost (3rd year in YET), Mees (2nd), Ninni (1st), Veera (1st), from media team

What has been the best thing about YET this far?

Mees: “I like both the excursions and the parties. Also getting Roope here from Finland was pretty cool.”

Joost: “That all the Finnish people are so nice.”

Ninni: “All the wonderful people and getting know them.”

Veera: “Getting to spend time with all the amazing people. And our day in Amsterdam!”

What has been memorable situation during these two weeks? 

Mees: That Roope did not come until the second week.”

Joost: “The first time we watched the plays.”

Ninni: “The moment after the general rehearsals.”

Veera: “When we first arrived here and it was sunny and so warm compared to Finland.”

What do you think about your team?

Mees: “A lot of fun. I wouldn’t like to be anywhere else.”

Joost: “Amazing.”

Ninni: “We have had much fun together in our tiny media box.”

Veera: “It has been great to work together!”

Describe YET by one word.

Mees: “Excitement”

Joost: “Nineteen”

Ninni: “Emotional”

Veera: “Memorable”

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