day 11 – General rehearsals

Noo! There are only three days of YET left. The acting teams are in a hurry because the first performances are already tomorrow. Today is the day of the Technical rehearsals where they check lights and audio.The art factory is helping bring  the props to the stage and the teachers have brought the performance costumes. This morning the media team had a workshop by a journalist about taking/editing photos and videos. One of the tasks of the workshop was to film something and edit it. We got feedback from the journalist and the other members of the media team.

At lunch people  wrote nice messages in each others’ notebooks and we filmed some shots for the YET aftermovie. Today we are having dinner at school, after that, the General rehearsals start where the actors finish up the plays. Rehearsals end at 9.00 pm today and tomorrow our day starts at 8.30 am with a DMPC. The first performance is the Dutch one, which starts at 11.05. The Finnish team’s performance starts at 12.05. There are also plays on Wednesday and Thursday. The tickets for the plays only cost five euros so come and see our plays!

Today is the day that both teams their plays have to be ready. We started early again, and we had no DMPC because of all the work that still had to be done. After arriving at school all of the teams immediately went to work. The Art factory had to finalize their props and had a busy day ahead of them. The end in near! The play is almost complete, everyone knows what their roles, lines and dances are. The characters are imprinting themselves on the students. But still i can’t spoil anything of course! In a few days everyone can see the whole play. The rest of YET will be very tiring but also a lot of fun.

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