Day 5 20/2/2019 Icehockey match

“Het is stil aan de overkant”.

After a long school day, it was time for some fun, an ice-hockey match! When everybody was seated in the stadium, most of the Dutch students were on the edge of their seats because they have never seen an ice hockey match before and on the other hand you had the Finnish who just relaxing and watching the game because they see it al the time. Before the game, there came out cheerleaders something you rarely see at sports events in the Netherlands. When the game finally started you saw a few Dutch students watching the game with confusion and frantically asking the Finnish students how the rules are. while the game was going on the again saw the Dutch students eagerly watching every move and the Finnish just relaxing. After a while, the students got a hang of the Oulun cheers and were joining in. You constantly heard “Oulu Kärpät *clap clap clap* Oulu Kärpät”. After the fourth goal, the students were yelling “Het is stil aan de overkant” Which means “It is quiet on the other side” and the whole stadium was looking at us because nobody knew what it meant. The game was really fun and special for the Dutch to see, and I hope the Finnish could enjoy our Dutch Hooliganism as well.

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