DAY 1 – Trip to the Netherlands

Our trip to the Netherlands started on Saturday when most of us woke up at 3 in the morning and some didn´t sleep at all, because they had Wanhat on Friday. Wanhat is a traditional school dance for the second year students. We had to be at the airport at 4.30 am and our flight left at 5.50 am, so way too early. We arrived at the airport and we had to say goodbyes to our families, who probably were more sad than us. Then we went to check-in half-dead and barely awake. First we flew from Oulu to Helsinki where we had one hour before the next flight to Amsterdam. In Helsinki we also ate breakfast and snacks and talked about this whole amazing experience and the adventure that was starting, not until then we were starting to wake up. We arrived to rainy and sunny Amsterdam at 9.50 am and we all were excited to see our host-families and shocked about the warm weather. The bus was waiting for us outside to take us to Teylingen College Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout. The Dutch students and their parents were waiting for us at the school. When the bus stopped in front of a casino we all were surprised and made jokes about going to gamble during free-time, but don´t worry the school was behind the casino.

We picked up our baggage and started to walk to the school, at this point we were too excited to even think anything. The host families and the teachers welcomed us and the first meeting was really warm and happy. Pauline, the coordinator kept a speech and Geert, the media-team teacher took pictures of us. After the photos were taken we went home with our host-families. Everybody had different activities in the evening, some went to the beach, some went to a football game or to the movies and some others took naps. In the evening we ate dinner with our host-families and went to bed early. Finally the Yet started!!

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