Day 2

We started our first actual school day with a bicycle tour around Noordwijkerhout and the countryside. The Dutch lead the Finns around the places and showed them their home town. On the road you could see a windmill and some animals, like deer and birds. Although the wind was strong and blowing against everyone’s faces, everyone still had a lot of fun! The highlight of the bicycle tour was eating lunch at the pancake house.

The opening of the project was held by Sjef van Leeuwen. He told the Finns about the school and introduced the directors and coordinators to the students. First were introduced to host countries coordinator Thomas van Hellert, who is responsible for YET. He also is the one who made the match up with the hosts. The director of the Dutch team is Hans Hollander who has chosen the movie the plays will be based on. As the leader of the art factory is Nathalie Pons. The Finnish team’s coordinator is Leena Kiuru, who has been working with Thomas before the arrival to get everything correct. As director works Hanna Hautala. This is her second YET but the very first in the Netherlands. As a choreographer Finnish team has Laura Feoderoff and as a first year art factory leader is Helmiina Tyni. She has been as a YETian when she was in OSYK, but this is her very first one to be  a art factory leader.

After the introductions the students went with their own teams and started their warm-ups. The Dutch team started their warm-ups with name games. Hans was leading them and everyone was really having fun! They did some exercises where they had to depict certain things, like a working cuckoo clock and a shower. The Finnish team also started with name games followed with a big group practice which was exciting. After the little warm-up games ended each team started with the rehearsals, this time the teams only shared their ideas which will be used later on. It was a long day for everyone.DSC_0177 DSC_0178