Day 8 23/02/19 “getting closer”

The day started at 9 and the faces of the students looked less tired after to days of a little more sleep. After a quick DMPC session, the students went to their groups, this time we joined the Finnish team for a warm-up and it consisted of a big stretch exercise to get awake your body, a weird version of tag and the swoosh game.

After the warm-up, it was time to get to work because today the Finnish and the Dutch teams had to finish their play and have it all on black and white. Also, the art-factory were finishing some big projects for the play. At one we had lunch and after lunch, we again got leftover cake from the local bakkers, which everybody thought was great, I think some people even ate too much. After lunch the real deal starten for the Dutch team. For the first time there was a small repition of the play with singin, dancing and acting. The play is looking like it is getting very interesting and it Will only get better overtime. But of course now it is not just sitting in a circle any more and there is a lot of standing involved, and there will probaly be many tired students tonight! At the Finnish team the students were also hard at work with cramming the play. They were using all kinds of props for the play and for the first time i saw les of the red matts. The play looked great! We are getting close to the end product!

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