Day 11 – Last rehearsals

Unlike other days we didn’t start with warming up because we had to hurry up. Tomorrow we’ll have our first performances so today we have school from 9am to 9pm. Hopefully last night’s rest has been good for everyone.

The NL team started first with technical rehearsals. They plan how they show the performance on stage and figured out how they want lights and other technical things. After lunch break they went to studio and practiced scenes and lines.

At morning the FI team started with warming up and then they went through the show. They got an idea that every actor has to dye their hair black but students wanted that Finnish teachers have to do that too so they tested how it looks like. After lunch they went to forum and started technical rehearsals.

In the evening we had last practices before real performances. Because of the long day parents of some students brought dinner to school. To the general rehearsals we got a test audience from each others group. Both teams did it great although there was some problems with technical things. After all the rehearsals everyone was so restless but the atmosphere was supportive.

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