On Monday at 8:15 am, all students went to school and every country separated held their daily meeting. A half hour later, they met each other in the gym for their daily warmup and I can say that it was very funny! After that, every team started their work until 13:30 pm with a 30-minute break at 11:00 am. Then they had a small break to eat something in Katerini and to get ready for the national presentations. Αfter they got stuffed, they came back to school in order to do the final rehearsals for their presentations. At 6:30 both students and parents alike sat in “EKAVI” to see it.

The fins were the first team to perform their play. They carried out the Olympic Games but the Finnish version. Specifically they did three entreatingly mini games with the help of the audience. The following team was the Dutch team. They represented a day in the life of a Dutch people in a sarcastic way, for example the way they go to the school with the bicycle. The last team was the Greek. They represented a Greek wedding and they showed some of their traditions!

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