Day 4 – getting used to the routine.

Every day starts very early, at 8:30. When all of the students arrived at school they were still half asleep. Good thing our head of Media Geert wakes us up and gets us ready for a fun but tiring day with his great warm-ups. Today the warm-up naturally started with dancing. After some minutes of dancing, it was time for a good old game of dodgeball, most of the Dutch students were very enthusiastic, but the Finnish students didn’t really know what to do. The result was a very weird game of dodgeball with some students who were very ardent and some other students who were standing around and really didn’t know what to do. To conclude, it was a great way to start the day and around 10 all of the students went to their own teams. Also, the art factory students went to Haarlem for an educational expedition, there is an article about this on the site:

After the warm-up, it was time for a long day of rehearsal. At around 16:15 the day was over and the students went home for a free afternoon, and of course to go to bed very early, because tomorrow is the day of the Floor is yours and everyone has to be ready for that!

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