DAY 11 – Final rehearsals

Tuesday was filled with last minute touches and final rehearsals. The atmosphere was tense. The shows needed to be finished today even though they got the last scripts the day before. The acting and art teams worked together to create the final look. They had rehearsals in drama hall with all the light and sound effects.

Media team familiarized with the shows. Planning future shots for videos and photos to know what to expect. As others were in a hurry to finish in time the media people got to enjoy the performances.

When you’d think the day would be over it was just the halfway point. Students had dinner at the school and spent the evening doing the final run throughs. Everyone was exhausted but it was a very rewarding day for many since the only thing left now were the performances. The two acting teams finally saw each other’s performances. Even though they are based on the same book they were very different. It was interesting to see the approach the directors had took.

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