Day 10 – Last week starts

Monday was the first day of the final week of this year´s Yet and students couldn´t wait about the final performances, in order to see the results of their work, which they have made the past days. At 8:30 all students with their coordinators held a meeting to discuss and talk about their problems and their news. After that at 9:00 all students did their daily 15-minutes warm up in the auditorium by playing a game, which aim is to know each other better, it was so funny and helpful in order to remember everyone´s name. Then every team went to its class to start its work. Both two Acting teams were doing rehearsals and the Art factories started showing their works to actors. At 11:00 students took a lunch break until 11:30. They ate fish sticks with potatoes and I can say that the food was great. They continued working until 16:00 with a 30-minute break at 13:30. At 16:30, students before leaving school they met at the auditorium to see the post of the theater, which was made by 3 students of the Finnish art factory and it was amazing. Then all students left the school and most of them went to eat something, because their last lunch was five hours ago. After they ate, many students went to “Mega Zone” to play laser fights. It was so fun and competitive because there was three teams and each team has its own score, the team with the highest score won and they were gaining points by hitting other team members and destroying their bases. With this game the day of students ended and they were impatient for the next days.

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