Day 5

The day started with a DMPC. Everyone is so excited to learn from each other and to get some advice. After the DMPC the teams started to work with their warm-ups. The Dutch team played a game that was similiar to Captain says. Hans Hollander was the leader and everyone needed to do what he said, lay down, run, etc. Everyone looked so happy and they were having a lot of fun while doing that!

The Finnish artfactory started to think about the design they are going to work on with the play. Helmiina is doing very good job as a leader of the artfactory although it’s her first time while she is doing it. They have everything in order! At the same time the Dutch team’s artfactory were listening when the actors were making the script, so they would get ideas for their designs.

After school everyone gathered on the beach to do the New Years Dive! The weather was a little windy but it was still sunny and really fun to the Finns to get this whole new experience. We asked some of the students what they liked about it and this is what they said: ”The water actually wasn’t so cold when you got used to it! It was really a fun experience!” After the swimmers got out everyone got hot chocolate to drink and a warm sausage to eat. The day was full of fun!

foto van YET.
foto van YET.foto van YET.
foto van YET.