Day 13 – Last day together

The last full day and the last performances. The day started with the NL team’s performance and then after their show was done it was time to switch stages and for the FI team to step on stage. Everyone in YET has bought a notebook in which other YET people can write memories and other stuff for the notebook owner to read. So after both teams were done with their performances and the stage was changed again everyone gathered to studio to write in each others notebooks.

The day before everyone made plans to gather at Svinthe’s house after school. So when everyone was done with writing into the notebooks we headed towards the supermarket to get everybody something to eat. Later when everyone arrived at Svinthe’s the house was packed full (oltiin niinku silakat purkissa), all of the people were sitting around in the living room eating. Some people were playing a werewolf game and others continued writing in the notebooks. It was nice spend time together on the last day even if it was a little bit crowded.

In the evening we had performances for the parents back to back. The evening performances were also streamed for the parents in Finland. It was a busy but a fun day.

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