DAY 2 17/02/2019 First rehearsal day.

The first day started here in Oulu with a sunshine. The night was short, because everyone had exciting time getting to know their hosting families. Everyone got together in the school building of OSYK. After that we officially opened the project and we got to meet the teachers.

Then we got to wonder around in small groups in Oulu. We hugged the Toripolliisi statue, saw Rotuaari and Oulu’s cityscape.

After the Oulu tour we headed to get something to eat. We had pizza, which wasn’t so exotic! But we will get to eat the traditional finnish foods, at least in the families.

After that the real work begun. Different teams got into their own working places and started working with the group. Everyone got to know each other and learn the names. The communication has been surprisingly easy and with a problematic situation we have used physical expressions!

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