Day 11 26/02/19 ‘General rehearsals’

Today is the day that both teams their plays have to be ready. We started early again, and we had no DMPC because of all the work that still had to be done. After arriving at school all of the teams immediately went to work. Art factory still had to make a few props before the general rehearsal in the evening and both the theatre teams still had to act out their play to perfection. We are so close to the end, everybody knows their text, roles and props. The characters the students play are imprinting themself on the students. I can’t say exactly what the teams are doing -except for that they were rehearsing all day because again I do not want to spoil anything. In the evening we will have the general rehearsals and of course the first real show will already be tomorrow. I hope that everybody will have a good night’s rest because the rest of Yet is going be tiring but a lot of fun!

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