Day 6 21/02/19 ‘enjoying artic weather.’

At half past eight, the bus for Rovaniemi left. It was a fun trip, a lot of people were singing and dancing. There even was some Dutch and Finnish folk music and everybody just sang along. After a short 4 hours in the bus, we arrived at the ‘Artikum’ a Finnish museum called Arktikum it is a science center and museum that lets you experience northern nature, culture, and history up close. They even had a Dutch guide! He told the Dutch students about the wars that affected Lapland, history of Lapland and Rovaniemi and a lot about how climate change is affecting the country. The guide explained a lot and everybody was interested, something that most teachers in the Netherlands can only dream of. After the tour, we ate lunch in the museum and headed out to Santa’s village. After 7 kilometers we arrived and all of the Finnish and Dutch students split up into groups, some of the students met up with Santa, but most of the Dutch did not take a picture with him because it costs 30 euros and Dutch don’t like to spend that money. There were a lot of things to do, but most a lot of the Dutch-students just played in the snow because they are not able to go back home so when we arrived back in the bus there were a lot of snowy Dutchmen. The way back was calm because a lot of people were just sleeping after a long day in minus 20 degrees. Overall it was a very fun day and a very cold day!

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