Day 4 19/2/2019 National Presentations

Finnish Presentation:

I could not use one word to describe the Finnish National Presentation, because it was way more than just one word. The presentation started with cross country skiing something we in the Netherlands call langlaufing. All the Finnish students were on the stage acting out the cross country skiing sport, they all did something different, somewhere slow, some were really fast. After this show, the real Finnish love was made clear to us, Coffee! The Finnish did all kinds of scenes to clarify their love for coffee, from birth to death. In those scenes, they put all kinds of Finnish traditions. After the coffee scenes, they told us something about the ‘conspiracy’ that Finland doesn’t exist. Then someone came and told us about all the famous things Finland had done to prove the conspiracy theorists wrong. After this the Oulun students learned us that Oulu hosts the air-guitar world championships every year, then they performed some air-guitar under the song Hard Rock Hallejuh. It was a great presentation and when the Dutch and Finnish students combine to make a play, it will be amazing as well!

Dutch presentation

The dutch performance started with a news telling about January in the Netherlands. After that we got to see the new years dive. The performance kept going with the same pattern through the whole year, and the audience got to enjoy the self irony and humor of the show. The weather forecasts were cleverly done, and the videoclips were made with skill. We learned a lot about dutch culture and the most important events. We saw dance and swimming as well as football rooting and birthday party. The audience laughed a lot. The performance was awesome, and it really entertained the crowd.

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