Day 13 – The end of YET 2023

The day after the last performances……

It was a very cloudy, rainy day. It was almost like the Greek gods knew that the YET project is almost coming to an end.

The students had to start at school at 8:30am to fill in the feedback forms. The opinion of the children is very important for the future YET project. After that the students went back to Ekavi (the conference centre where the performances took place). To clean up all the props, clothing and stage design.

Then it was time for some group pictures! Every acting team, including, mediateam members and art factory students got to pose in front of the camera.

After that they went into a bus to visit the city Litochoro. A mountain village on mount Olympus. The students started at the mt. Olympus museum and learned a lot about the microclimate on and around the mountain.

Then it was time for some free time in Litochoro. The foreign students went to buy souvenirs for their families and friends and spend some time drinking coffee.

After lunch it was time to go back to school to say goodbye to the Finnish students. They are leaving very early this morning, so the Dutch and some of the Greek students won’t be seeing them before they are going to the airport. After a lot of hugs and a lot of crying the children went to their host families to pack their bags and get ready for the long journey. They all realized that this was the moment YET 2023 officially ended!

Students gathering at the school to leave for the airport

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