Day 14 – Finns leaving

The YET 24 project officially comes to an end today. The Finns left for the airport in the afternoon to start their journey to the cold weather. They experienced 2 weeks of “spring” weather in Noordwijkerhout. For the Dutch this felt as winter, but the Finns got a glimpse of the sun and some nice temperatures.

The teachers and students packed their suitcases. The suitcases were much heavier than on the way there, due to all the souvenirs they had bought in the Netherlands. Many students also received gifts from their host families. Tired from all the carrying, the students arrived at Schiphol, quickly went through customs, and headed to the terminal. The flight first stopped in Helsinki and ended at Oulu Airport. Here, the Finns were picked up by their families in the middle of the night and taken to their warm homes to recover from an intense but super fun two weeks.

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