Day 2 – Getting to know each other

This morning we came to school at 9:30 and assembled in the forum. After a little talk by the coordinators we had a tour through the school in little groups led by one of the fancy five. The fancy five are a group of five people who did YET but now help with the organizing.

After this tour our knowledge about the school was put to the test. We did a scavenger hunt in the school, we needed to find little notes with clues on them about what the location of the new note was. When all the notes were eventually found they formed a message: ‘bike tour’. This was the original plan for the day but because of the storm this sadly needed to be cancelled. Even though the bike tour was cancelled we luckily  still went to the pancake restaurant. At the restaurant everyone ordered their pancakes and they were served quickly. Everyone started eating and was enjoying their lunch very much. 

After about an hour at the pancake restaurant we returned to school, there we went to the sports hall. At the sports hall we had a little warming-up, it consisted of various exercises in which you got to know each other and we learned some of the other group’s language which was very fun. When the warming-up was finished we finally got to work: both the Dutch and the Finnish team started their rehearsals and the media team started working on the site and the instagram account so the parents can see some pictures and videos.

After this we will have a DMPC meeting (Daily Meeting Pupils Coordinators) and then everyone will go to their homes and host families.

After a few hours at home we will have a early carnival party organized by the fancy five.

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