Day 9 – Day off

After long and tiring week we got one day off – wohoo!!

Our only day off was today. It was really nice to have at least one day off so that we could all do whatever we pleased, like go to museums and all and also get much needed rest. I think it’s safe to say that everyone slept longer than usual. A big part of the group visited Amsterdam today. In Amsterdam there was a light show that a lot of people went to see, I heard it was disappointing since there was only a couple of small lights there. The Finns wanted to buy souvenirs for their families back home and take pictures of the sights. Not everyone went to Amsterdam, some people stayed home and had a real rest day.  

Pieta’s perspective: One day off was so needed after long week. I slept maybe to 10am or 11am so I got a lot of rest. Because of I slept that long we skipped breakfast and ate lunch first (it wasn’t that different because dutch eat bread at every time they eat). After that we left to Yfke’s house. There was Yfke, her pokemon Peppiina, Thijs and his pokemon Ella and my trainer Floortje. We went to restaurant because they hadn’t eaten (rolling eyes emoji). But it was still fun to just be with people and try to survive with my english. Later on we went to Jumpin’ Noordwijk with little kids.

Julia’s perspective: In the morning, I had breakfast with my family and my Finnish partner on the beach. Because it’s January, we went to a restaurant on the beach instead of picknicking 🙂 After a really good start of the day, we went home and relaxed a bit.Around one, we went to Bauke’s house to take the train to Amsterdam with him and his Finnish exchange partner. Once we arrived in Amsterdam, we went shopping at some thrift stores, the record store and even had a quick visit to the Hema. Then we decided we were hungry, so we went out on a quest to find food. We walked for 1,5 hour before we finally were able to order food at Domino’s. At least we saw Amsterdam, right? To finish off the day, we walked past de Wallen and took the train back to Voorhout.

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