Day 14 01/03/2019 “THE LAST DAY”

Suddenly we all noticed that today really is the last day. The tiredness shows a little bit but everyone is still smiling and enjoying the last moments. The truly amazing thing happened last night when we got to see the northern lights just after the performances had ended. I hope everyone got to see them!

The day started with cleaning up. Everyone worked hard to clean the places and the props that were used in the plays.

We also filled a feedback paper to get a bag that had the picture of our play in the side of it. We also wrote each others names in the side of our bags.

Later we went to Nallikari and walked on the sea. It was very exciting! After having fun at the sea we went to sit around a campfire and ate sausage and drank tea.

After Nallikari, we went to the city center and from there home. In the evening we had the last YET party.

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