General Information

YET means Youth Europe Theatre and it is a 20-year-old exchange program between different European countries. These past few years Yet has mostly been between the Netherlands (Leeuwenhorst) and Finland (Oulun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun Lukio). Every year students from one of the countries travel to the other country. YET is about theatre so during YET students will be making two plays about the same subject, one play under the guidance of a Dutch director and one under Finnish guidance. Students stay at a Finnish guesthouse and have to go to school every day to rehearse the play. The students are divided into three groups media, theatre, and art factory. Media takes care of all of the publications to the outside, the art factory takes care of making props for the play. and of course, the theatre group that exists of actors and actresses. Together they make sure that at the final days of the 14-day journey they can and will perform a very special play.

Dutch Group

The Dutch team has great team spirit and everybody comes along in the group. On rehearsals they have warm ups, scene improvisation and discussion moments for example. The group includes actors and people from art factory.

Finnish Group

Finnish team has great team spirit. They are very positive and friendly. They make ideas for the play from brainstorming, various exercises and making different scenes. The group includes actors and people from art factory

Media Team

Media team is making the YET project followable for everyone. We are keeping up the website and updating social media. We make sure that this unique project won’t be forgotten

YET Adults