DAY 0 – The Start of a Journey

It all began at 10 o’clock, Friday 11 February, when all the Greek students of the Erasmus project named YET concentrated to their school with their teachers. Parents also came there to say goodbye to their fellow children. From the center of Katerini, students took the bus and went to Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, in which they took the plane to München, Germany, at 13:05 pm. When they finally arrived there, they sat for lunch and then waited for around 5 hours until the plane for Helsinki to be ready. And the Greeks spend their time with studying walking around and even dance their traditional dances!!!

Some students of the Greek team dancing

They boarded at 7:30 pm and landed 2 hours later in Helsinki where they took a small bus and then they arrived at their hotel where they slept for 1 night.

First photo of the Greek team(atleast some of them) when they arrived to Helsinki

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