Interview 4.0 Pauline


Pauline Van Eeden, the coordinator of everything, the director of media team and a music teacher

How do you find being the coordinator?

“I really like it! This is my first year in this job, so I did not know what to expect. Now when we are doing this, the things I have made before for YET are coming to reality. And everything is going well. ”

What has been the best part?

“As a coordinator, the Amsterdam day and the fact that it went as planned. As a music teacher I really liked the National Presentations because I could see all of the yetians on the stage.”

What has been the hardest part?

“The hardest part has probably been today. The whole school is starting again and it is so crowded. Everything has to be organized again. Also it is hard to stay in the budget.”

What does your job involve?

“Mostly making schedules and arrangements before the project really started. I had to organize the hosts, teams and excursions and have contacts to Finland. Now I have to be everywhere. I am doing coordinating and leading the media team, so I have so much to do at the same time.”

Describe YET by one word.


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