The first days of YET (From Katerina’s experience)

So, I decided to write an article about the first days of the Erasmus program.

I started talking with my guest one month before they came to our country. I really felt like I’ve known her for a year. After all that talking from far away, it was time for them to come to Greece. It was really an adventure but they made it to our hometown. I found her after ten minutes because all the people of the Erasmus program where all together, so I had to really search for her. When I found her though, we went to my house, she met up with my parents and then we went to sleep because both of us were really tired.

We woke up at 10a.m and were ready to start our day. We dressed up, ate and then left from my home. On our way out, we found some of our friends and came to the school with them. We all then got to know each other with playing some simple games. After that, me and all the other members of the media team gathered in a class, talked and then went to some rehearsals and filmed some videos for the final short-movie we’re making. At the afternoon, we went to eat pizza which was really tiring for us because we had to order while we were about fifty people in there but we managed it. In the end, we went home and slept because we were really tired after that day.

Those were the two first days of the program and it’s already so cool and so fun. I also really liked all the kids that I met, but I haven’t had the chance to meet them all yet.


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