YET 23 officially started!

The students from Finland and the Netherlands travelled all the way to Greece this time. They were welcomed with blue skies and sunshine. A rare sight for the Finnish and Dutch students, but very enjoyable!

The students are hosted in Greek families. The host families welcomed the foreigners at the 4th Lyceum of Katerini when they arrived. They made the students feel at home from the first second. The families treat their guests as a temporary member of the family. A great display of Greek hospitality. They immediatly took the guest to their homes and the students spent their evening at the families.

After diner the students went to enjoy their free time. Some of them went in groups to enjoy the Greek Saturday night life. They went to the city center and hung around in the cosy city streets. They learned a lot about the Greek culture and got to know each other a little bit better.

Then it was off to bed.

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