Day 6 – Trip to Volendam and Amsterdam

Day 6 was the day of the big trip. We assembled at school at around 9:00 and waited for the bus to arrive. After a bus ride of about 45 minutes we arrived in Volendam. Everybody got out of the comfortable, warm bus and went into the rain to a museum where we could take a picture in traditional Dutch clothing. After this we had some free time, we could explore Volendam on our own and eat something or buy souvenirs if we wanted to.

After the free time everybody was happy to get back into the nice warm bus after lots of rain and wind in Volendam. After another bus ride we arrived in Amsterdam. We went on a 30 minute city walk in which the Finnish students got to see Amsterdam for the very first time. We ended our walk at the Rijksmuseum, we had an hour to explore the Rijksmuseum on our own, sadly their most famous piece, de nachtwacht, was being restored and we couldn’t see it in its full glory.

Following our visit to the Rijksmuseum we had one final thing to do in Amsterdam: a boat trip through the famous channels in the city centre. After an hour and a half long boat trip which we enjoyed very much, we headed back to the bus and were driven back to the school.

We finished our evening at the restaurant La Galleria, the food was good and everybody liked it after a long and exhausting, but fun day.

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