Day 7 22/02/19 “It’s going fast”

After both the teams were done with their DMPC, it was time for a warm-up this time Hans had something special on the program. The students had to 3 exercises and in all 3 the students were massaging other students while getting massaged too like they were making a massaging circle. After the warm-up, the day started. The Dutch team spent the day performing small scenes in groups. They were acting out feeling and it’s looking better every day! After the acting and rehearsing. It was time too again sit in a circle and talk about the construction of the scenes. After this was done there was still some time left for some relaxed singing with Paulien

The Finnish team spent their day reading and talking about script while performing small scenes. You could say that the students/actors are getting a better feel of the emotions and actions of the book. While acting there is almost never a single actor that is doing nothing. It makes the day go fast and it makes the students go to bed early.

And so the day quickly came to an end. Well, at least the school day because in the evening it was time for ‘The floor is yours.

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