Day 6 – Santa, we are coming

It is not December, so the well-known Santa Clause will not come to give presents to all the children around the world.  However, like a similar Greek saying, if the Santa is not going to come to YET, the YET will come to Santa. And that is what happened on the 18th of February. At 8:45 am, a long journey of 3 hours begun. Around 12 o’ clock, the bus stopped at Arktikum, Rovaniemi, where the students had lunch, complete some tasks about the exhibits and then watch a lecture about the Ice Age. Later, the bus begun for Santa Clause Holiday Village. There, the students met Santa, talk with him, and even had photos taken with him, undoubtedly a unique experience that most students will not have another chance to do it. It was really nice to meet their favorite person from their childhood. Students also bought souvenirs, MANY SOUVENIRS, and took photos all around the village. Unfortunately, at 17:00 pm the bus left this wonderful place and by 20:30 the bus had arrived back to Oulu.

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