Day 6

An normal day started as the Finnish and the Dutch sat down for the DMPC. At the Dutch DMPC Thomas explaned to us how we should prepare ourselves for the big trip to Amsterdam tomorrow. That is going to be a huge day so the Dutch host need to prepare everything well no nothing bad happens.

After the usual the teams divided again to start practising. Now the lose plays from groups came together and slowely but surely we saw that everything came together in 1 play. the art factories had their stuff bought and are working hard to make something amazing (but we cant tell yet). Meanwhile on the Dutch Technican place there beginning to make everything that Hans ordered them to do and by the looks of it their going to be busy the rest of the week. maybe by Monday the teams are already done and ahead of schedule.

at 16:15 everybody went home just to eat and prepare for the mean event that happend later that evening: The Floor Is Yours. This is were Fins were tested how much they knew about the Netherlands because the quiz (The Dutch know little about their own country). This Floor Is Yours was an very happy but also a emotional event wich took more than 2 hours (more than the planned 1 hour). Later this week a video will pop up to show you what happend during this 2 hours. After that everybody went home because they needed the rest for tomorrow. The day that we are heading towards Amsterdam. The long and hard worked day ended by now