Sunday 04-03-2018: Our day off

Sunday was our day off. This meant that we had time to relax and do something special. We did different things and visited different places. We in the media team of course could not be everywhere and know exactly what everybody did on Sunday. So we decided to interview some YET students and ask them about their day off!

Iida (Finnish acting team): “My host Annabel and I visited Rotterdam! We went shopping and I spent lots of money there. We also visited the high Euromust tower, tried a watertaxi and walked a lot.”

Elina (Finnish acting team): “I slept a long time. Then I went paint balling with other yetians and it was really nice. After that we went to Den Haag. There were other yetians there, too. We went shopping and for example visited an expensive second hand store. In the evening it rained and it was really beautiful.”

Rens (Finnish acting team): “I visited my uncle and after that I went also paint balling. The Dutchies won! Then we went home and later visited Leiden with my family and Maija. But we did not meet the other yetians who were there, too. We just walked and ate at a restaurant with my whole family.”

Johanna (Dutch acting team): “I also played paint ball. At first I was scared of it but I had great time. Then we went to Den Haag where we visited different stores like Lush and the second hand store, which Elina already mentioned. We ate at McDonalds. I had a fun day! And in the evening I practiced lines with Chantal.”

Hannah (Dutch acting team): “I went to Leiden with many other YET students. We were shopping there. At some point we lost each other and separated into small groups. Luckily, we found each other again and we had dinner at an Italian restaurant.”

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