Day 1

It was early Saturday morning when the Finns gathered at the Oulu airport. The plane departed at 5:55 from Oulu to Helsinki. Some of us slept during the flight, because our night was pretty short.  Some were so excited that they didn’t sleep at all, though. In Helsinki we had a little time to chill and then we flew to Amsterdam. When we got out it was warm but windy.We traveled to Noordwijkerhout by bus and the Finns were excited about the cute houses and countryside. Finally, we got to the Teylingen College and there was a big group of Dutch yetians and their families waiting for us. We took pictures of all the yetians with their families and after that we went to our host families. The day was mostly getting to know each other between families and the ones hosted like biking, shopping, eating some dutch food, family time etc. At the night we had a “welcoming party” at Aron’s place where all the students could get to know each other.

The Dutch people were not awake as early as the Finns, but they were at the school waiting with their families at 10:30. Everyone was very excited about the arrival from the Finnish yetians. A few days before the arrival the Dutchies had made some banners to welcome the Finns to their school and country. After a short speech from the school’s principal Sjef van Leeuwen and a few pictures, everyone went home.

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